Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thank you for the press!

Creating the 69 For Six filmmaker's pledge drive with 69 pledge drive videos to crowdfund six documentary films has required the work of some very good people. Recognizing them publicity is the least I can do by way of thanking them for their consideration and kindess.

By the way, you can engage personally on the Dee Dee Russell fan page, and go watch 69 For Six You Tube Channel to see each of the 69 videos, please and thank you!

Here goes a sincere show of appreciation, sexist womanist bohemian style:

Thank You to Richard Lefrak as production designer on all six documentary films. He is the individual who has given the most effort getting the launch going.

"You want a New Black Filmmaker? Well, here she is!"
 Thanks to Jacky Jasper  for a write up so awesome that I cried! I love HSK cause he's like, the only male major "urban" entertainment writer who isn't colorist nor misogynist! For that alone I kiss his buttons! His site is refreshing and hilarious, raw, educational and a big time suck you will get lost browsing past pages!

Thank you!
"Whew lawd, I thought I was busy. But Dee Dee Russell's upcoming projects are putting me to shame."
Also on the press front is Christelyn Karazin and her swirling media empire at!  

Photo: Chad Anderson
A fresh glass of my home made juice blend to legendary drummer (Talking Heads & Tom Tom Club) Chris Frantz for his Facebook friendship for giving me an exclusive interview for my documentary film HAPPY DARK GIRLS!

The whole point of creating 69 Pledge Drive Videos is to crowdfund 6 documentary films. To do that takes publicity and here is my wish-list for interviews.

Stevie Wonder! 
Did you know that he's the Number One pledge drive video at 69 for six? Yeh his pledge video is rather psycho dramatic... I was a teen fangurl! He's my spiritual father; emotionally I'm closer to Stevie than my legal Father. How special is that? He's my total top artistic inspiration!!

Howard Stern
 I wuv Howard with Robin Stern and wanna be on their show so bad!  I was a childhood cartoonist, weened on Mad Magazine so I have a very satirical, New York perspective. I imagine Howard Stern, Robin and me discussing the film My Friend  Scarlot Harlot, the godmother of the sex worker movement! Did you know that she coined the term Sex Work(er) at a conference back in the late 1970's?


OK, everyone, now just get 10 of your friends to pledge a dollar for one of the six films. Then they'll tell 100 friends, etc.  And we'll have our own barefoot jam!

 Thank you so much! Wanna hang out? You can drop an email, too! Questions?